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I ask for your forgiveness Ladies and Gentlemen that my first post on thealt be a negative one, but it's something which must be said.

I write this on the day after a visit to my fair city from one of Australia's latest pop "Sensations" (Actually, he was a loser in his competition, but that hasn't stopped him), Shannon Noll. I avoided the venue like the plague, I can assure you. But it's not his performance that's the topic today.

I have a grave concern for the future of the music industry, and it's multitude of followers as we move further into another century. Artists like Shannon who have been thrown into our mainstream music scene on the back of other artists work from 10-20 years ago. Songs that were once chart toppers in their own right are now being re-cycled as "New Smash Hits!", and of course, are being rocketed to #1.

My concern with this, is that there is going to be a generation of people who will firmly believe that Shannon Noll was the original artist and writer behind songs like "What about me". In fact, I just looked at his "Official Fan Site", and there is no credit given to the original artist whatsoever!

Of course this isn't the worst example of this treachery.

Madonna has been lambasted left, right and centre after her disgraceful, and utterly disrespectful cover of "American Pie", the legendary anthem by Don McLean. Yet, I'm sure if you asked any pop princess whos followed "What's hot and What's not" for the last few years, and they won't even know who Don McLean is! If they heard the original version, they'd probably think that Don copied Madonna and wrecked a good dance track.

The tentacles spread further. Britney Spears only recently re-cycled the 1981 Joan Jett classic "I Love Rock & Roll". Didn't change any of the lyrics, just added a poppier beat and sexed-up the video clip. Hell, if someone asked her to "Put another dime in the jukebox, baby!", she'd most likely ask "What the hell is a jukebox?".

Now, granted, there has been one successful re-make. I didn't mind the re-vamp of Bryan Adams's "Heaven" by DJ Sammy. Listen to the original, and you'll know what I mean.

It's only a matter of time before record companies and greedy pop stars start raiding great, classic alternative songs, add a few techno sounds, and re-release it as "An original smash hit". Sure, they may pay royalties to the original artists (Actually, maybe they don't....) but there's got to be a line in the sand somewhere. We're going to reach a point in the world where no artist will bother writing new music, because they know that they can make money from an old song that made money years ago!

I don't know if its the artist or the record companies behind this, but either way, it's something that should be stopped.

Only time will tell what classic song is next to fall into the hands of a talentless hack of a singer. One thing is for sure though. Michael Jackson and SONY both jointly own the entire Beatles back catalogue. And they're both a bit strapped for cash at the moment.

Maybe soon, we'll hear Britney do a techno rendition of "I am the Walrus". That, would be something.

Please find attached the original versions of classic songs that have been destroyed, torched, or just generally insulted. Post-Script: I couldn't even find the name of the original artist to "What about Me", such is the state of our industry
Posted by Newsworthy at 08:06 PM April 03, 2004

What about the incredibly annoying remix of the Jefferson Airplane classic, "Somebody to Love"?

Personally i don't mind the occasional cover. It brings a new audience to old music. Sure... Shannon Noll has effectively stolen a song. But the fact of the matter is that the kids of today would never have heard that song without Shannon Noll making it a hit all over again.

And maybe 1 or 2 kids will go and find out more about the original artist. Which is a good thing.

Comment posted by: ExistAngst at April 3, 2004 09:11 PM

"What About Me?" was originally by that fantastic Aussie band, "Moving Pictures".

I wish Shannon Noll and his clit-tickler would FOAD.

Comment posted by: by at at April 3, 2004 11:24 PM

Actually, the kids heard it a few years ago, on a Hungry Jack's ad. Now there's a whole NEW can of worms, kids!

Comment posted by: secretpint at April 3, 2004 11:51 PM

Noll stole a track?

do you know what the moving pictures would be getting in publishing royalties from a number #1 15 years after they last recorded?

don't hate these shake and bake musicians. They're the ones getting screwed by the world's tightest contracts. When Noll is waiting tables in Dubbo in 10 years he's gonna regret being such a prominent target.

Comment posted by: cough at April 4, 2004 08:51 PM

I think that you are just touching the iceberg with this issue. While it has been common practice for R&B sensations to sample a catchy riff to drive there shite, it has now come epidemic. It seems that all these artists are just coming up with some lyrics and then going thru there record company disco and 80's catalogue in order to find a hit.
the icing on the cake for me was that chingy sample of toto - africa

'gonna buy a hit song'

Comment posted by: bez at April 4, 2004 11:45 PM

I'm all for the lambasting of people who get famous off other people's songs, but just a comment here on Noll. 'What About Me' is a truely awful song, that has to be agreed. The thing about it is, the original was awful as well. This must have started as a joke when he lost and got ignored. Think about it, it makes sense. It goes to show just how effective the maketing hype machine is, that a song that bad can actually get the exposure that it has. It's kinda worrying actually. What's next, pop covers of country and western music? I shudder to think, really.

Comment posted by: pimento at April 5, 2004 10:44 PM

pimento writes:
"'What About Me' is a truely awful song, that has to be agreed."

Why does that have to be agreed? I don't mind it at all.

Comment posted by: strynx at April 7, 2004 05:29 PM

I agree with pimento. 'What About Me' was/is a truly awful song, both versions of it. However, i don't believe there is a problem with cover songs as long as they are done in a nw or different way. Most pop artists seem to be quite lazy in their 'interpretation' of the songs. But I can't really care, unless they massacre a song I really like.

Comment posted by: Berry at April 8, 2004 01:24 PM

This may well be the pot calling the kettle black, given that my last post was primarily a forum in which to show off my 1337 bootleg cover art skills, but I don't really see the point of this...

'Mean, isn't this site called 'the alternative'? Couldn't one, then, say that our credo is to expose it's readership to *some* music that they may not otherwise have come across in the commercial world? To be a small extra finger in the many, many sites on the intarweb pointing to 'alternatives' to 'commercial' music.

So what, exactly, is the beef? It's not like we're going to change the fact that, for the most part, commercially oriented music isn't what gets us off. All the whining of all the indie kids in the whole world isn't going to change the fact that there's a market for the sort of music, or television, or fashion (trucker cap losers, I'm looking at you) that we don't particularly go in for.

After all, aren't we proud of that? To call ourselves the 'alternative' consciously throws us in relief against something else. Defining us against the 'shitty' taste of the mainstream.

Hell, it's not like the production or promotion of 'commercial' music is *hurting* the artists that we want to support, and the sort of art they produce. Do you think that without the commercial music scene, that there'd be a greater market for indie rock (or whatev). It's not like they're even in competition here... Fuck, man, the intarweb's not exactly a media that's being monopolised by the commercial sector.

If this was some sort of post about the RIAA, or what-have-you, I could see the point of a debate, because it actually does impact upon us, as kids that like what we think of as 'different' and difficult to get a hold of through the channels open to us in the world of Shannon Nolls et al, but it's not. It's just a wank. It's just defining yourself by bitching about something that has no actual impact on you.

Phooey to that.


Comment posted by: Niqui at April 8, 2004 01:37 PM

I like trucker's caps. And I'm like the definition of indie snob artfag loser white boy bedwetting whatever.

And I think any sort of debate over pop music is pish, because pop music is not meant to be taken seriously and even the 13 year old girls know that.

Comment posted by: secretpint at April 9, 2004 01:05 AM

Taken seriously as opposed to what? I'd categorise pretty much all of the music posted here as 'pop.'

I guess I just don't like the idea of thinking that I'm better than other people because I listen to 'better' music. Defining oneself by the art of others isn't an admirable character trait, but it's one that seems to be popular here.

That is to say, there's a number of posts up -- mine included -- that don't say anything about the mp3's attatched to them, but rather name-drop or go all tangential about other 'it' band to show how hep the authors think they are.

I wouldn't be all 'bed wetting indie fag loser,' or whatever, on posts -- I hardly think that you deserved that -- but it is disconcerting to read posts that focus on the who's or who aren't's of the music industry rather than, y'know, why you should download what's attatched to them.

(A prime example of which would be past posts about the Postal Service - what was the line there? 80's nintendo beats and Ben Gibbards indie-pop lyrics - and Mew - which captured the feeling on first hearing the songs real good)

It's been a while since I've been able to come to this site and think, 'oh yeah, I'll download that' based on what's written about it.

Comment posted by: Niqui at April 10, 2004 03:42 PM

WHY THE FUCK IS THERE ANY TALK OF SHANNON NOLL? He is a truly tragic figure and will be working on the RSL circuit within two years. Now let's never speak of this again!

Comment posted by: thitysix at April 12, 2004 11:59 AM

My point was that no song is safe in this new day and age.

What was your favourite alternative song will soon be the pop cover of a teen idol. Its only a matter of time.

Comment posted by: Newsworthy at April 12, 2004 10:07 PM

I think all of u r going just a bit far on this. shannon is the best and his song does so not suck. if u think that then i think u need to open ur ears a bit more. y r u all picking on shannon? hello! if u havent noticed guy is a total idiot and i dont think he deserved to get 1st but then again that is just my opinion. so could all of u just shutup about the what about me thing and get over it. there r people out there who like him like me so just shut the hell up. ok?!?!!?!?!!? just shutup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment posted by: Shannon luver at May 4, 2004 04:04 PM

yeah u go shannon luver. i totally agree with u on all of that. people should learn that not everybody is gonna think that shannon and his songs r stipid. i mean cant all of u pick on guy instead. just because shannon is using someone elses song doesnt mean u should pick on him over that. guy should've done that instead of doing another one because maybe that would hide how stupid he really is but i dont think they would be able to find a sone that good so he has no hope.

Comment posted by: u go girl!!! at May 4, 2004 04:08 PM

omg..you people defending shannon noll should really think - people are just EXPRESSING THEIR OPNINIONS HERE!! i have to agree, shannon will be nothing within a few years...good on him for giving it a go, but when it comes down to it, shannon has no talent - guy is a talented musician, singer, song writer..you name it, he has it all over shannon noll. i hate more than anything how people are knocking guy saying he isnt "australian" - PLEASE. we're a multicultural country, and i think guy represents australia better than shannon ever could :P so put THAT in ur pipe and smoke it ..hehe :P

Comment posted by: charlotte at May 15, 2004 08:23 PM

haha- check it out .. if you hover over the "u go girl!!" and "shannon luver" links you see that they're actually using the same email address, therefore they're the same person - aww, poor what ABOUT me cant sing shannon only has one person to defend him :P i cant believe we're even having this discussion......shannon doesnt deserve his name in any web site unless its a hate listing - speaking of which, someone with some web design talent needs to make one! theres an actual hatelisting website too!

Comment posted by: meg at May 15, 2004 08:28 PM

what a load of garbage hear!! The Shannon fan is definately not the only one . Im a big fan.!! instead of whinging about Shannon, you should be supporting any singer trying to make it in this industry, regardless whether its the music you like or not.As for covering other peoples songs, I think this is the greatest compliment to the original artist.And by the way before every song Shannon sings at his concerts that arnt his he acknowledges the original singer.Talk about the tall poppy syndrome.!! Another thing he also put on a free concert and raised 100,000 dollars for charity. Not bad for someone thats only been in the industry 6 months.Shannon rocks and I wish him well!!!

Comment posted by: alicia at May 21, 2004 12:11 AM

HELP...I have a friend who keeps singing Shannons crap songs....She's even bought the album (she could have re-invested that money into something more sensible like her own business or weapons of mass destruction)...can I sue Shannon Noll?...Isn't it time the international community got together to stamp out this audio terrorism....Does anyone have Kofi Annans' e-mail address? Maybe the U.N can help!

Comment posted by: jeff at May 25, 2004 08:40 AM

dont you think that shannon has had enough of people bagging the fuck out of him.
just leave him alone.guy shouldnt of won oz idol hes not even fricken australian shannons way better and a real hotty and ur all just jealous because hes turned what was a fucked up song from moving pictures into a hit.
so leave him alone u fucked up DIRTBAGS

Comment posted by: shannon rulz at May 28, 2004 11:28 AM

I'm rolling on the floor laughing. I came looking on google for a Shannon Noll conspiracy website and ended up finding this forum thread.

What about me was a great song in the context it was released in (ie the 80's) I'm an 80's music fan and as such I love the original.

I don't necessarily dislike the Noll version but if you're gonna do a cover surely you should put your own slant on it. He's tried to copy it 100% and I don't think that adds anything to the music pool generally. The lyric "what about me, I wanna live" really gets my goat as well because it's supposed to be "I wanna little" but that's a whole other story about how people from the country can't follow the bouncing ball on karaoke machines and sing at the same time.

As for the posts from shannon rulz - to say that Guy shouldn't have won is denying the fact that he is clearly a more talented singer - denying him the win on the basis that "he's not even fricken Australian" though is just plain racist.

As for saying he took a fucked up song from moving pictures and turned it into a hit - go and listen to the original you fucking moron, other that the silly outback twang in his voice it's excatly the fucking same. Moving Pictures hit number 1 in several countries with the song 20 years ago - if Shannon doesn't hit number 1 in the UK with the remake then I'd say it's been an abject failure wouldn't you?

Guy got more votes, it's a talent and popularity show, you do the maths you imbecile. Not all of us are ugly chicks who can't get roots, not all of us daydream about reality tv contestants and defend them to the hilt no matter what.

I hope you come to your senses before the much anticipated second Shannon Noll album (with the working title of Touchdown) hits the stores just after his guest appearance to boost his flagging popularity on Idol 2. :)

Comment posted by: Cactusboy at May 28, 2004 04:43 PM

i think you guys have nothing better to do then complain about singers who are successful , just get the hell over it and stop baging people. even if u think shannon or guy have no talent then just say how lucky they are to have made it and not be talented . why dont u just be happy that someones made it big u losers sted of saying how much they dont deserve it? its not as easy as it looks to work and be suceesful in the industry. btw im a fan of both Shannon ans Guy and it takes talent to just be able to get up and sing .

Comment posted by: at June 3, 2004 12:11 PM

Hey, i think the last comment must have been made by sum1 VERY wise n smart..... they seem 2 no wat they r talking about... Shannon AND Guy are incredibly talented.... whether or not u think so...it is obvious that ALOT of australia thinks so !!!! so all of you who wana bag ANYBODY out, think before u do so coz only God can judge us....!!! GO SHANNOOONNNNNN AND GGGUUUYYYYY !!! u r real aussie talent, im proud that you represent us!!! (tupac rules!!) ohh n so does JemHas!! lol

Comment posted by: hOT LeB at June 3, 2004 04:39 PM

all u people who do not like shannon noll have something wrong with your head. and i don't think u are even HUMAN i personally think guy sebastian sucks!!!!!!!!

i luv you shannon noll
luv tegan age 11

Comment posted by: tegan at June 16, 2004 03:57 PM



Comment posted by: tegan at June 16, 2004 04:04 PM

If a song can be remade and appeal to another audience - then congrats to the songwriter. It proves their song has stood the test of time. Singing someone elses song has become a 'looked down upon' situationm in modern society, and for no apparent reason. For as long as there is songwriters out there who cant sing, there will be singers looking for great tunes.

Whether Shannon is employed in the music buisness in a years time is irrelevent and quite frankly not of our concern. Although I must mention that the record deal Shannon is signed to is a 5 album deal, so he wont be going anywhere soon. This is also not to mention that he has, to date done over 50 concerts throughout Australia, each a sellout with waiting lists pending further concerts. Rarely does Australia get this captivated by a performer.

Perhaps its about time, Aussies stopped being so cynical in regards to their homegrown artists... Have you all heard of something called the tall poppy syndrome??

Congrats to Shannon I say, and well done.

Comment posted by: myob at June 16, 2004 09:11 PM

I am really really really close to redirecting this page to tubgirl.com.

Comment posted by: ExistAngst at June 17, 2004 10:48 AM


Comment posted by: alicia at June 19, 2004 10:10 AM

Heya, GO SHANNON- voted one of the sexiest people... i saw that in the mag and in his words i was "stoked maaattteeee" !! he has some mad appeal!! heaps of talent too! But cmon, what bout our Guy?! Hes fab too...give him the credit he deserves! Both are WOW!! but not one of them has nicer lashes then jemhas (doesnt matter, dial-a-lash can fix that) LOL GO ALL AUSSIE ARTISTS... Make us proud! wish some RnB hotties would emerge too! Yallah bye bro :-)

Comment posted by: hOt LeB at June 19, 2004 05:37 PM

i love shannon i think hes the hottest:)

Comment posted by: at June 29, 2004 10:37 AM

ok well this is 4 shannon
o by da way itz ment to b a finger but this retarted site wont let it!!

,/ /
/ /
//' '/
/'/ / / //\
('( &;/' ')
\ ' /
'\' \ _.
\ (
lollolololololololollolololololoololollololol \ \ good bye!!!

Comment posted by: :):):) lil miss HaPpY!! at July 5, 2004 08:48 AM

How can u say we r not human if we dont like shannon Noll, i seriously think u shannon lovers should wake up! Stop saying that people who guys suck cause we will always be above u CAUSE GUY SEBATION WON! SUCK THAT! HE WON! NOT SHANNON! Ok so its obvious more people like Guy so stop saying shannon is as he obviously isnt. I so loved that rip off of his song what about me! He got hit by a train at the end lol! HE IS NOT HOT! yuck geeeze, he is like 30 something nearly 40 & has a kids & wife! THATS TOTALLY GROSS!

Comment posted by: Bree at July 20, 2004 04:24 PM

Hey guyz...
Im a major shannon fan, and i think you guys should lay off him...
Ok... So we all have our opinions so lets leave it at that...
For a fact, Shannon is 29 this year and has two kids... not nearly 40... :S
I think shannon has the "X-Factor" as they call it on idol... He has everything and not everyone is going to like him... Im cool with that... But yeh... lay off him guyz! Hes doing good for his family and i think hes in the music industry to stay! :D

Love Jess
P.S Love ya shann!!

Comment posted by: Jess at July 21, 2004 10:51 AM

shana boy you rock to the top of my dome.

Comment posted by: stol at August 10, 2004 09:39 PM

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