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I write for a Vancouver based print music magazine called DiSCORDER which provides me with a few free CDs per month. I've decided to parlay this free swag onto the internet and this is the first of my series of monthly reviews for the records i get there. The Alt will give me a little more "freedom" and "space". I've not had this month's records long enough for adequate review purposes, so i'm going to kick this off with last month's offerings.

Oh Susanna (S/T)

This Canadian country-pop songstress is a little more upbeat on this release than previous ones. I first heard about her as a member of the infamous Scrappy Bitches (Oh Susanna, Veda Hille and the always incredible Kinnie Starr) and was always a little surprised at how "mainstream" her sound was. Regardless, this, along with her others, is quite a solid release full of a lot of very beautiful, sweet songs. Recommended for those times you want to retain your indie cred without offending the ears of those around you.

Jim Byrnes (Fresh Horses)

I will put a bid in for this being the best album of the year. Byrnes hooked up with his friends in Vancouver's Zubot and Dawson to put together one of the tightest acoustic blues albums i've heard in a long time. The inclusion of Zubot and Dawson's "archaic" instruments (fiddles, mandolins, etc) add flavour to a genre that's been around longer than we've all been alive. The album is peppered with originals, standards and covers. Fans of Neil Young will be pleasantly surprised by the hauntingly brilliant take of his "For The Turnstiles".

G3 Live (Rockin' In The Free World)

Y'all remember David Lee Roth? Remember that badass guitarist he had with that badass heart shaped guitar? Badass right? That guitarist's name was Steve Vai, the same Steve Vai who was Frank Zappa's prodigee. Anyhow, Vai has NOT gotten over the guitar wanker days of the 80s and each year, he goes out on tour with Joe Satriani and a special guest for the G3 tour. Hold onto your socks, cause this year's special guest was none other than Yngwie Malmsteen. Yup, that spandex wearing, hairsprayer is still around touting his "classical electric guitar" style. In all honesty, my ears hurt after hearing this record. Song after song of squealing guitars and feedback really hurts my already bruised auditory system . I picked it up as a novelty from MY guitar wankery days thinking i might enjoy it's camp value. Check out their heretical cover of Voodoo Child (Slight Return) and listen closely...that IS Hendrix spinning in his grave that you hear in the background.

Posted by mr. gast at 03:58 AM April 09, 2004

Something you will never do is hear me complain.

Comment posted by: ExistAngst at April 9, 2004 08:30 PM


Comment posted by: Edgy at April 9, 2004 09:32 PM

this music is all shit. don't ever post again.

Comment posted by: graduate at April 20, 2004 02:05 PM

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