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'Antics' Tracklist

Oh, are we doing 'reviews' now? I don't know. I don't think I like that. It seems kind of stupid. We're supposed to be all 'hey, this is new music that you haven't heard before.' And we're supposed to be 'here's a sample so you can make up your mind.' Its that second thing, those damned illegal mp3s that's (is) the rub. Not that illegality thing, but that we're taking an each way bet. We're saying that we're all for the dissemination of new(ish) music, but we're hosting 'xamples, not albums. That's what IRC is for, right?


Am I talking about myself? We're pointing in directions, right? Entry points and primers to wider work, is that what's going on? Am I saying you're kind of stupid; that you might not get this? That you should try thinking like this when you look the rest of this up? It's pop music. It's not rocket science. Who am I to say that?

We are doing some narrowing of ideas, though. We're doing it so you can pick up albums and bands and shit in the right frame of mind. Like, there's this whole world of music that you're too stupid and sheltered to dig - but its cool, look over here. What do you think about this? No, you're looking at its ass. Its face is over here.

Am I right? Am I making sense?


Anyway, whatever. Do you remember when you first nabbed Interpol's 'Turn On The Bright Lights' and you were like, 'pssh, what's all the fuss about?'. You were all: 'Yeah, its alright, there's nothing particularly wrong here, in fact, its kinda nice. Untitled is obviously the best track. But its all too easy, its not like they could fuck up playing four notes and going for atmosphere, I could do that. I read books.'

Yeah, and do you remember when you went to see Elephant, and you were all, 'Gus Van Sant is a pretentious asshole, I read those interviews with him in FilmComment, what's with casting kids with $120 haircuts to keep shit real? Oooh, they're so pretty, but some of them aren't, you're so fucking real, Van Sant, you asshole.' And its not like you could fuck up a movie about Columbine-in-all-but-name, its like filming about the holocaust, who's going to give you shit because it'd be like they're fucking slagging off Jews or some shit? But then you saw Elephant, and although Van Sant was still a pretentious asshole (I mean, anyone could do that shit. Fuck.), its actually really well done, how he structures it -- in what order the kids come in ... all of the $120 'art' kids and the nerds so nerdy they don't actually exist ... because there's something interesting about cognition and how you organise what's happening in your mind under all that. He's still an asshole, but you've got to hand it to him ...


And do you remember how, when you got over the fact that Interpol weren't really trying, and that its seriously, like four notes in most of those songs, 'Bright Lights' was still one of the CDs that you almost always had in your bag when you caught the bus to school/whatever? Do you remember how, when you stop being pissed off that they're not doing anything and still raking in all that credit, you actually liked that sound, no matter what it was about them that pissed you off? Yeah, well, its like that.

Think about it. What if they were to bring out more of the same shit, but a bit different? To whit: 'Screw this Joy Division shit, lets rip the Pixies.'

That Pixies shit was regarding 'Evil,' by the way.

Interpol's 'Antics' comes out on September 27th, but because you're on the internet, you'll know what to listen for when it does.
'Antics' Tracklist


And something to play at your wedding party:
Posted by Niqui at 11:59 PM August 02, 2004

There is no way Untitled is is best song on the album.

Also I don't like listing to albums before they come out, I don't like it when JJJ does it and I dont like it when you do it.

Are tracks 3 and 4 not good enough for you?

Comment posted by: Belter at August 3, 2004 01:40 PM

Get your hand off it Belter. What reason could you possiibly have for not wanting to hear an album before it is realeased?

Comment posted by: ExistAngst at August 4, 2004 03:17 AM

Thanks Angsty.

What grounds are you delineating your like/dislike for listening to albums with respect to this site on, Belter? Would it be ok to listen if the album was out but you still weren't paying for it? The tracks are finished, so you must be taking a moral stand on behalf of teh intarpol. To answer with one of your questions, weren't TV on The Radio, Nations By The River or Steve Burns good enough for you to feel outraged? What about Squarepusher, for that matter? Doesn't he deserve a hand?

Oh, oh, also, 'Not Even Jail' is kinda glitchy. Sorry about that, but you get the basic gist, right?


Never said 'Untitled' was the best, either.

Comment posted by: Niqui at August 4, 2004 03:31 PM

Humans are curious beasts. If you don't think so, drill a hole in a fence, stand the other side and see how many people you can poke in the eye. So of course we want to hear new tracks by (insert favourite band). Finished tracks are finished tracks - they are not works in progress, to be hidden from the world. Thus is the price of fame. Ask Scott Cain. Or not.

Comment posted by: nugget at August 4, 2004 08:18 PM

i also oppose the posting of these songs. not because the album hasn't come out yet, but because they are fucking shit.

Comment posted by: at August 9, 2004 01:03 PM

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